Synthetica Audio Engineering

The Serenade Files’ official audio partner can bring your production goals to life. We believe in offering a genuine and personalised service and take the art of sound engineering very seriously. That’s why we have partnered with Synthetica Audio Engineering. Follow the Synthetica blog here.


Synthetica Audio Engineering is owned and operated by Jakub Gaudasinski, a professional audio engineer, producer, composer, and audio systems operator. Jakub works across the board in audio engineering and production for broadcast and commercial music.

Jakub Gaudasinski | photo by Jennifer Trijo
Jakub Gaudasinski – Founder / Chief Engineer

Jakub is a graduate of the Adelaide Elder Conservatorium where he majored in composition. Since graduating, he has composed and released two commercial albums, Origin of Us and Entanglement. You can purchase Jakub’s music directly from HeadDesk Records as well as Google Play. As a proficient cellist and drummer, he understands music intimately and takes pride in high-quality productions. He discussed his music in detail in an article titled A colourful adventure in sound.

Synthetica Audio Engineering’s Services

  • Live show production and reinforcement
  • Recording production
  • Post-production, mixing, and mastering
  • Music composition
  • Computational sound design and programming

Synthetica Audio Engineering services the greater metropolitan area of Adelaide. Interstate services are available.


Many clients have benefitted from Jakub’s sound consultation and friendly service. Here is a brief overview of the projects he has been involved in.

Kate MIller-Heidke | Copyright ©2019 Jennifer Trijo

Kate Miller-Heidke and Keir Nutall with Iain Grandage
Front-of-house engineer
Ukaria Cultural Centre

Paul Kelly | Copyright © 2018 Jennifer Trijo

Paul Kelly with Paul Grabowsky
Front-of-house engineer
Ukaria Cultural Centre

Child of Tree – UKARIA24 Copyright ©2018 Jennifer Trijo

Ukaria24 2018 Child of Tree
Front-of-house engineer
Ukaria Cultural Centre

Amy Dickson at the Ukaria Cultural Centre | © 2018 Jennifer Trijo

Take a BreathAmy Dickson
Front-of-house engineer
Ukaria Cultural Centre

Josh Belperio | © 2018 Jennifer Trijo

Scarred for Life – Josh Belperio
Front-of-house engineer
Flinders University

Hamlet 2018 Adelaide Festival – Brett Dean
Sound consultant
Adelaide Festival Theatre

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018 – Tunisian Nights
Front-of-house engineer
Buckingham Arms

Ruby Tuesday (Community Choir)
Recording, mixing, and post-production engineer

 Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Producer, mix engineer, post-production engineer, PA operator

• Recording and production of Stan and Mabel in collaboration with composer Paul Rissmann for ABC Classics
• Recording and production of Prelude to New York in collaboration with composer Luke Altmann
• Recording and production of Rooster Fanfare by Sean O’Boyle for the opening of the opening of the Port Power match in Shanghai, China 2017
• Production and engineering of several live radio broadcasts from venues across Adelaide for ABC Radio
• Front-of-house PA operation for the Radio National broadcast of Big Ideas at the University of Adelaide
• Front-of-house PA operation for the Radio National Drive broadcast live from the OZAsia Festival at the Adelaide Festival Theatre
• Composition, recording, and production of soundtracks for several Radio National
documentaries, including Other Mother, Torrens Island: Concentration, The Pips, The Lady of the Swamp
• Production and audio post-production on Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s Movie Masterpieces (2016 & 2017) in collaboration with Foxtel, garnering the accolade of the most-watched arts show on Foxtel in 2016

Country Arts SA

• Composition, production, and engineering on the soundtrack for the documentary film Coming Home, a story of what happened to Cyril and Rufus Rigney, brothers who set off from their community of Raukkan, Point Macleay Mission in South Australia to join the Great War; produced by Lee-Ann Tjunypa Buckskin

Composer, recording engineer

• Composition, production, and engineering of the soundtrack for the Artists of Ampilatwatja short film series; produced by Lara Damiani
• Composition of Documentary – The Adelaide Series #2 Master Craftsman/Jeweller/Metalsmith and Creator of Spectacular Eyewear Peter Coombs

Mercedes College
Front-of-house engineer, PA operator
• Engineering live school concerts, musicals, and recitals

Synthetica [own independent recording label]
Composer, producer, mix and post-production engineer
• Composition, production and engineering for Supersymmetry (working title), a self-contained electroacoustic concept album to be released internationally in 2018
• Composition, production and engineering for ENTANGLEMENT, a self-contained ambient, glitch/IDM concept album released internationally (2014)
• Composition, production and engineering for Origin of Us, a self-contained ambient concept album released internationally (2011)


“Jakub Gaudasinski was a consultant on the sound mix for the production of “Hamlet” by Brett Dean at the 2018 Adelaide Festival. This was a complex score involving as it did live orchestra, chorus, semi chorus and electronic effects and recorded instrumental sound. We were concerned to achieve a satisfactory blend and to ensure the live sound did not obliterate the importance of the electronic and recorded instrumental sound. Jakub was sensitive to the interests of the composer and the needs of everyone involved including conductor, orchestra, chorus master, singers and sound operator. The director Neil Armfield found his comments and advice effective and most constructive and would welcome the opportunity of working with him again, as would I.”
– Mary Vallentine, Producer “Hamlet” 2018 Adelaide Festival

“Many thanks for the fast and efficient audio engineering service that you provided for our cabaret performance yesterday. You managed to achieve excellent results, in a very short time frame and with great calmness and competence. We wouldn’t hesitate to use your services again. Much appreciated.”
– Sally Francis, Arts Coordinator Flinders Medical Centre.

“Jakub is a true professional. He did the sound for my solo cabaret show, Scarred for Life, and he made me sound as good as I possibly could! Lovely presence, perfect amount of reverb. I was very impressed. He was also an excellent communicator, punctual and friendly to work with.”
– Josh Belperio, Music Creative and Performer

“Ruby Tuesday Choir had an opportunity to create a recording for the Blinman Mine Historic Society in South Australia. Our clients wanted a hymn to be recorded to recreate an authentic sound of 19th Century miners for their tour. As a conductor working with a community choir, it was important to create a recording experience for the singers which provided an inclusive and creative environment that allowed the choir to perform freely and confidently. Jakub knew this instinctively and provided a professional and relaxed space that ensured that the singers were able to dig deep and also have fun. His impeccable professionalism, good humour and deep respect for the singers was exemplary. He listened deeply to the performances and quickly collaborated with us to achieve our musical aims. The singers in turn, knew that they were in the company of someone who knew and loved his craft. They felt safe in the atmosphere of instant and honest feedback that enabled the group to re-take and improve aspects of the music and vocal production. Jakub worked quickly and professionally and every minute of our time together was productive. Jakub’s approach to post production was sensitive and thorough and he ensured that I was kept informed of progress and included in the shape and direction of the final mix. Jakub’s fine musicianship, great ear and expertise has captured the joyful spirit and expression of our choir. The experience has boosted the confidence of the singers and provided a musical memory of quality. We look forward to another opportunity to work with Jakub!”
– Sue Young, Choir Director – Ruby Tuesday