Jennifer Trijo as Veronica – IN THIS SILENCE (Cabaret Fringe Festival) 2014

The Weekender Herald Edition 443 6 June 2014 Photographer credit: Phil Martin


Jennifer Trijo: In This Silence
Review by Anthea Hudson

Jennifer Trijo takes us on a musical journey in her recent show ‘In This Silence’ with a poignant story of a woman at the brink of something new… taking a brave step beyond the suffocating norm of her current reality and venturing out to live her dreams.

After quitting her job as a writer of fortune cookies because she felt stifled and just a number, the woman, Veronica, leaves taking a box of fortune cookies with her as a souvenir. Opening the cookies and reading their messages helps her to imagine her life as it could be and to realise how unsatisfied and unfulfilled she is in everything about her current life. Although, to many, taking fortune cookies so seriously would be ridiculous, it is an interesting vehicle to bring out the defining moments- that could be as simple as a cookie message- that change the direction of our lives.

As usual, Miss Trijo is superb as she brings Veronica’s thoughts and imaginings to life through songs. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful, bringing both tenderness and strength to the appropriate places. She tells Veronica’s story with such passion and emotion that she enables us to feel with her and even see a little of our own lives reflected in what Veronica is experiencing.

Her band, containing some new faces and some that have supported Jennifer in the past, were once again excellent. Jakub Gaudasinski, Harry Baulderstone, Ron Davidson, Loretta De Palma, Norbert Wegrowski and Stephen Morabito provided a great backing to showcase Miss Trijo’s talents.

Part of the Cabaret Fringe Festival, ‘In This Silence’ was held at The Soul Box on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of June 2014. The atmosphere was pleasant and intimate, the staff friendly and welcoming and the prices of food and drinks refreshingly cheap for a venue.

All in all a great evening! Please do take the opportunity to attend one of Jennifer Trijo’s shows in the future, if you get the chance.

Miss Trijo has had a varied career including corporate showbands, chorister, keyboardist, dancer, actor and cabaret entertainer. Her credits include playing the role of Kim in Cameron Macintosh’s Australian Production of the musical Miss Saigon, as well as her critically acclaimed performance as Mary Magdalene in the 2013 Australian Premiere of the musical ‘The Way of the Cross’. She also performed her show ‘Between the Lines’ at the 2014 Adelaide Festival Fringe and you can read our review of it here. In her ‘other life’ Jennifer Trijo is a music teacher at Mercedes College and has given her past and current students the wonderful opportunity to share in being a part of her various performances.

For more information about Jennifer Trijo go to

She also has a CD of her original songs ‘Keys to a Woman’s Heart’ for sale.

~ Anthea Hudson

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