Jennifer Trijo as Kim – MISS SAIGON Australian Tour 2007 – 2008

This musical has been the highlight of my career to date. I am writing this blurb a decade after I experienced the joy of portraying the character of Kim in the first touring Australian production.

The revised version implemented projections of the iconic helicopter during the fall of Saigon, which allowed it to tour to most of the Australian capital cities.

I learned a lot under the direction of Laurence Connor and the musical direction of Guy Simpson. I also increased my show fitness and resilience through the hundreds of performances undertaken over the course of nearly two years.

The emotions explored, the lessons learned, the travel, the friendships, and the incredible music made this chapter of my life an unbelievable reality.

I sincerely thank Louise Withers, Linda Bewick, Michael Coppel, Annalisa Oxenburgh, Lynne Ruthven, John Robertson, Laurence Connor, Guy Simpson, and Cameron Mackintosh for taking a punt on an unknown actress and belieiving in me enough so that I could have this phenomenal opportunity.

Jennifer Trijo with Cameron Mackintosh. Opening Night of Miss Saigon, Melbourne (2007)

“Jennifer Trijo captures Kim’s touching innocence and courage beautifully.” ~ Jo Litson, Insider, Sunday Telegraph. 30 September 2007.

“Tiny Trijo’s voice is powerful and her performance compelling, particularly as the protective mother.” ~ Wendy Kay, North Shore Times. 28 September 2007.


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