Cabaret mama Amy Hetherington juggles two shows at Adelaide Fringe

Anyone who is a mother or knows one may not be surprised to learn that they can do many things at once. Such is the case for award-winning Darwin comedian, Amy Hetherington, who has incredibly built a brand new comedy show Juggle around caring for her new baby, taking on a new sporting pursuit, and hardly having any time for herself. Hetherington is also bringing back her cabaret Crying Over Spilt Milk which won an Adelaide Fringe Award in its initial sold-out season.

Amy Hetherington stars in Juggle | image supplied

Juggle is the follow-up to her successful cabaret Crying Over Spilt Milk which was vulnerable, messy, weird, and fuelled by sleep deprivation. Juggle is a chaotic and earnest look at trying to balance life when it feels like you’re never really in control.

Juggle will make its way across Australia with tour dates in Darwin, Perth, Kalamunda, Alice Springs, and Katherine. Hetherington is now keen to share some timely advice with Adelaide audiences. Here are her top three tips for getting your mojo back after having a baby.

“I should start by saying my quest to find my sexiness wasn’t exactly what you’d call… successful. I ended up playing cricket, got caught naked in the CBD, went to the hospital with a splinter and failed at making my boobs do the helicopter during a burlesque act. But that’s comedy isn’t it, laughing at the chaos. Here’s three things I learnt from my adventure.”

– Amy hetherington

1. One person’s sexy is another person’s WTF?

“I started playing cricket to find my sexiness. That sentence seems like a contradiction. A lot of people think cricket is boring… some are really into it. The lesson. What one person finds sexy another might want to avoid at all costs. Don’t yuck someone’s yum and just own your likes.”

2. Burlesque is not fancy stripping

“I was so wrong when I thought burlesque would be easy. I was so so so so wrong. It’s actually a very clever creative art form… it is not fancy stripping. I learnt my lesson the hard way at a sold out variety show with nipple tassels that didn’t fit my deflated boobs. If you’re thinking of doing burlesque, sign up for a workshop… oh and don’t invite your dad to the show!”

3. Sexiness is about letting go

“Of all the sexy adventures I went on the only thing that really helped me get my mojo back was breaking down and yelling at strangers in a pharmacy. I wouldn’t recommend this as a hobby but there’s something in letting go of perfection and accepting yourself for the hot mess you are that is great for the mojo. No wonder people yell on public transport…”

Juggle is playing at the Drama Llama Room at The Rhino Room, Adelaide from 17 – 25 February, with one show at The Howling Owl on 18 February. If Hetherington’s style of motivational speaking resonates with you then, tickets for Juggle are available now via the Adelaide Fringe website here.

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