2021: self-ideals and your personal theme

The eve of a new year tends to invite introspection. Many people set goals for the next 365 days with a hopeful outlook for the possibilities that lie ahead. Then there’s a portion of the populace who are met with disappointment when they cannot reach their goals. If we accept that the midnight hour between 31 December and 1 January is an arbitrary threshold (like any other midnight hour) then this could perhaps alleviate some of the self-imposed anxieties often experienced at this time of year.

The sun sets on the year 2020 | Image by Pexels

If you are indecisive by nature, then resolutions may be difficult for you to set, let alone commit to. Alternatively, you can consider a self-ideal and a personal theme for 2021. Who do you see when you consider your future self? Write down some adjectives to express who your ideal self may be, you can even go so far as writing a detailed profile of where you’ll live, what you’ll do for work, your habits, your pastimes, the food you’ll eat, the entertainment you’ll consume, the company you’ll keep.

I wrote about considering your future self in an article titled Self-discipline: realise your future self which I’ve published in September, you can read it here.

“As we empathise with the fate of our future self and the kind of life it will have to live through if we keep our negative habits up, we begin to feel motivated to change our present ways to be better.”

– Peter Hollins

Keep your future self in mind with every action you take in the new year and ask yourself how your actions bring you closer to becoming your ideal self. Once you’ve considered your future self, take a moment to look at your self-development over the past 12 months. Focus on your strengths and the positive outcomes from what has been an unusually arduous year for many. I hope that there are some things you can find to be grateful for in 2020. As the year reaches its end, remember, nothing will magically change unless you decide to change.

Hopefully it’s a change for the better in terms of improved habits, perspective, discipline, self-development, and accountability. May these changes, guided by your personal theme, lead you to your ideal self.

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As is often said, happy new year, may you genuinely find a sustainable happiness and contentment with your lot in life.

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