Season’s Greetings | a message for our invaluable creators

This year has changed the way we engage with the world and how we engage with art. The arts and entertainment sector was one of the hardest hit with industry shutdowns during 2020 and many creators have had to rebuild or pivot their careers.

Image by Daria Yakovleva

The need for connection and gathering has become increasingly valued in the past nine months and many have turned to music, film, podcasts, books, visual arts, design, and photography to inspire the human spirit in times of solitude.

While the products of creators are often cherished, the people responsible for a work of art can be overlooked. I see you, I value you, and I want to bring your stories to the fore.

In 2021 The Serenade Files will focus on profiles of artists and creatives across a range of industries. While I will still publish some reviews, news, and self development pieces, as a publication advocating for creativity, I want to celebrate the people behind the work.

There are important conversations happening in Australian entertainment and this will be a platform for some of Australia’s most creative voices to share their story.

Behind every piece of art you love, there is a creator. I will bring you their stories, processes, dreams, trials, and triumphs. Get to know them by following the blog, subscribing to our mailing list, and following our social media pages. Thank you to all of our readers, writers, and artists. Keep building and creating.

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