Episode 1: On Record With Leni

As much as I love the written word, I am enjoying connecting with other artists particularly while we are all so physically distant from one another. Therefore, I’m bringing you more creators’ stories in the form of video interviews.

My interview with Leni is live on YouTube

As well as continuing to add content to the Solitude Sessions playlist, I’m excited to bring you interviews with independent and emerging creatives on my YouTube channel.

I had the pleasure of interviewing musician Leni this afternoon having recently written about the release of his first solo single ‘Magnetic’. You can read about it here.

Next in line for Episode 2 is Brisbane-based singer Asabi Goodman whom I had the privilege of touring with in the musical Disenchanted in 2018. There are so many names and faces behind ‘the Arts’ and I’m committed to bringing you their stories.

On Record With Leni – Episode 1

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