Together With You: Arts Centre’s new digital program

With more Australians seeking education and entertainment while observing social distancing measures, the Arts Centre has responded with an uplifting digital initiative.

the Arts Centre, Melbourne | image supplied

“When we closed our doors we recognised the importance of the need to continue to bring the wonder and joy of performances and arts experiences to audiences. We hope that this program of archival recordings and digital experiences will uplift and connect our communities, especially during the time when this is most needed.”

Claire Spencer AM, Arts Centre Melbourne CEO

The program went live on 6 April and has offered the community a chance to experience a series of free performance broadcasts, family activities, interviews, podcasts, and long-form articles.

Together with you will feature items from the Australian Performing Arts Collection and the Australian Music Vault, virtual workshops, new commissions and documentaries, alongside some of the Arts Centre’s most notable performances.

New content will be released on Arts Centre Melbourne’s website for people to enjoy at their leisure. For more information, including upcoming broadcasts, follow Arts Centre Melbourne on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To access the Together With You digital program visit Arts Centre Melbourne’s website. Virtual visitors are invited to share their experience through the hashtag #ACMwithyou

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