“Adelaide’s Great!” according to Tamara Linke, composer of The Hipster

Tamara Linke created an entirely new musical, based in the quirky town of Adelaide (Hindley Street references included), that will celebrate its world premiere on International Women’s Day, Sunday 8 March.

The Hipster cast: (front row) Jesse Budel, Jared Frost, Anthony Leppa, (back row) Rachel McCall, Tamara Linke, Jennifer Trijo | photo by Lumiant Photography

Through Linke’s clever lyrics and witty libretto, she explores the stereotypes often found roaming the streets of Adelaide. Namely, the seaside dreamer, the tenacious lady of the night, the Burnside mum turned strip joint owner, the ultimate Euro import, the ballsy city slicker, and everyone’s favourite barefoot bogan.

Lead character, and wannabe hipster, Chester opens his laneway bar, The Brown Freckle, only to realize the strip club next door, Fuzzy Holes, is not good for business. Hell breaks loose and that’s where our story starts.

“Adelaide is hipster because, ironically, it doesn’t know it’s hipster and that’s what makes it (or us?) hipster. Compared to the Eastern States, our beards are better groomed, our coffees are less ostentatious, and our sense of humour… well, we have one,” says Linke. “That’s right, I left Adelaide behind in my twenties, and came running back in my thirties. Like Mad Men, Adelaide is a slow burn and I bloody love it!”

The cast and creatives of The Hipster are Adelaidian through and through. Filled with belly laughs and ear worms you can’t shake for days, it’s music theatre with a dash of Adelaide grit.

“Adelaide, it’s about you and it’s brand spankin’ new. Written, produced, and directed by a woman. [Gasp!].”

– Tamara Linke

These characters have come from all walks of life and, with them, bring a whole range of experiences. “We may not look the same, but the core of our problems align.” Linke hopes that The Hipster is relatable and helps others find a pathway to empathy.

Director Catherine Campbell, arranger Rod Ennis, and music director Alex Wignall round out the production team. They each bring a wealth of experience to The Hipster, from Campbell’s opera, cabaret, and theatre background to Ennis’ recording experience with big names such as Pete Murray, Rhonda Burchmore, and Guy Sebastian. Recording artist and Jazz musician, Wignall will lead a four-piece band from the keyboard.

This production has become all the more personal for Linke as a result of the recent Australian bushfire tragedies. Unfortunately, during the recent Kangaroo Island bushfires, Linke’s family lost their home and wildlife sanctuary. The final show on the 17 March will be fundraiser to support those affected by the bushfires.

The Hipster will debut as part of the Adelaide Fringe 2020 at the Little Bang Brewing Company in Stepney. Show dates are: Monday 9 March, Tuesday 10 March, Sunday 15 March, Monday 16 March, and Tuesday 17 March. Visit http://www.thehipstermusical.com for more information.

Disclaimer: I am a cast member of The Hipster and, true to the mission of my publication, I support the work of Tamara Linke, an independent Australian creative. I, too, think “Adelaide’s Great”. Come and meet one of my alter-egos. Watch this hip trailer to get a feel for the show.

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