Review: Boss Squad

Boss Squad wastes no time in telling you that you’re about to see five females destroy stereotypes inside and outside the circus tent.

“I’m not strong for a girl. I’m just strong.”

– Boss Squad

A collaboration between Adelaide’s own Point & Flex Circus and Wildhouse Circus, the all-female circus troupe takes on high-level acrobatic finesse with both hilarious and shocking sideshows (one of which involves a Ryobi drill). By commanding the teeterboard and the German wheel, they simultaneously kick out all traditional notions of femininity in a male-dominated industry.

The five ladies, Marcela, Flick, Kelsea, Marina, and Amy won’t ever be your typical circus sidekicks. They don’t need a man to flip, fly, and fascinate the audience. Performing to hard beats and meaningful lyrics such as Madame Gandhi’s ‘The Future is Female’, the show is generally fast-paced and exciting, inviting almost constant whoops and cheers from the crowd. There are, however, soulful moments of reflection, ‘fun facts’ calling out sexism, and bare, honest expression of vulnerability that completely engross the audience into silence.

Along with collective acrobats, and dancing, each of them become the leading lady, taking control of the stage and celebrating their individuality with what each of them does best. Whether it’s Flick’s manipulation of the wheel, Marcela’s hypnotising hoola-hoop and lip sync skills, or their collaborative fun with skipping ropes and juggling, the girls keep their game face on – reminding the audience to never forget for even a second that women can really do it all here. 

In between the bold stunts, Marina takes centrestage with terrifyingly weird sideshow tricks that will make you squirm and cringe. She challenges your assumptions again with a beautiful rendition of Regina Spektor’s ‘Laughing With’, complete with the help of her friends signing to the lyrics.

Unpredictable and fun, you’ll enjoy a riveting 50-minute show watching the girls be unabashedly themselves. It’s easy to feel emotionally invested in their stunts as they support and yell encouragement to each other. When they successfully pull off a daring move, you share in their triumph. 

Boss Squad displays obvious skills and hard work that stands up to any chauvinist that these women deserve to be in circus, and are here to stay. They’re a fast, fierce, and formidable female force who will entertain and empower you in ways you won’t expect.

Catch Boss Squad at the Adelaide Fringe, Ukiyo, Gluttony. Performing everyday at 7.20pm until 23 February 2020.

Rating: ★★★★★
Reviewed performance: 16 February 2020

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