Family Fun time at the Fringe 2020

Who says parents can’t come out and play? Entertaining a little person can be a tough gig, but this year’s Adelaide Fringe rises to the challenge with a variety of shows to delight mums, dads and their little ones.

From babbling baby to tottering toddler and beyond, parenthood is an adventure. Finding time for self-care while constantly nurturing a curious mind can become all-consuming. Enter the fabulous children’s entertainers of the Adelaide Fringe 2020. With song, dance, lights and action, these performers give mum and dad a chance to relive their childhood and share the fun with their kids.

Here are ten family-friendly shows you can enjoy with little ones of all ages!

The Scientific Bubble Show

In 2017, Adelaide’s Graeme Denton (aka Marty McBubble) broke the Guinness World Record for creating the largest indoor soap bubble. In 2020, he continues to host his popular, bubble-tastic show where science transforms the humble bubble into every imaginable shape and size. With laughter, lab coats and a chance to find yourself inside a giant bubble, children and adults alike with find themselves amazed. Aimed at those aged three and above.


Kat Placing is a seasoned Fringe performer who knows the challenges of engaging the young and energetic. She has a toddler of her own and is debuting her show Bubba-Licious at this year’s Adelaide Fringe. Lights, music and puppetry will provide a sensory treat for children aged six months to two years.

Monski Mouse’s Baby Cabaret

Monski Mouse and her friends return with a new show to entertain children from birth to five years of age. With puppets, nursery rhymes and an invitation to clap and sing along, this DJ is ready to party.

80s Baby: A Kids Disco

Mum and performer, Amelia Ryan, gets grooving to the 80s in her popular kids disco. Aimed at children between the ages of two and seven and debuting last year as 80’s Baby: A Live Disco!, the show was awarded “Best Children’s Event” at Perth’s 2019 Fringeworld. In 2019, Amanda shared her insights into balancing life as a mother and professional performer with us. Learn more about her interview here.

Peter Combe in Brush Your Hair with a Toothbrush!

Peter Combe continues to reinvent the world of children’s music with a new show this Fringe season. A mix of new songs and favourites such as ‘Wash Your Face in Orange Juice’ and ‘Spaghetti Bolognaise’ will create a musical atmosphere of laughter, fun and tapping toes.

Here’s Humphrey! – Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Humphrey Bear calls both the young and old to join his dance down memory lane. With an entertainment history dating back to 1965, Humphrey continues to keep himself (and his audience) young at heart. Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation which aims to “enhance the quality of life for older Australians […]”

Science Magic

Irish comedian Donal Vaughan demonstrates the magic of science as he transforms ordinary household items into extraordinary (and often messy) contraptions. Learn, laugh and take home some DIY tricks as you enjoy the return of this popular performance.

Grossed Out Game Show

Host Marty Grey returns for a fifth year at the Fringe and a pick of the most popular games from the last five seasons. Celebrity team leaders will lead their half of the audience to victory or find themselves covered in slime. The show was awarded “Best Kids Show” at the 2013 Sydney Fringe.

Petit Circus

Highwire Entertainment presents a new show of circus fun and acrobatics for those aged three and above. With ten years of Fringe performances under their belt, Petit Circus remains a family favourite.

Mr Badger Tells the Story of the Wind in the Willows

Splash Theatre has been bringing beloved character Mr Badger to life since 2009. Pack a picnic and head to the park to relax and enjoy a retelling of the children’s classic, The Wind in the Willows, aimed at those aged five and up.

With shows to entertain people of all ages, get your family down to this year’s Adelaide Fringe and let the fun begin! The 2020 Adelaide Fringe celebrates 60 years of entertainment and will open on Friday 14 February.

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