Resound invites people to pledge an instrument to help musicians impacted by bushfires

Many Australians have been impacted by the natural disasters across the country in recent months. Some communities are a long way from recovery and, for those who are beginning to piece together their lives, it is difficult to do so when the necessary tools for one’s livelihood have been taken away. There have been generous monetary donations to date but there are other ways to give if you are in a position to do so.

The bushfire tragedies have been traumatic for both the families affected and those who feel helpless as the precious lives of flora, fauna, and human beings have been lost. The Resound Bushfire Appeal is contributing to the healing process by replacing musical instruments lost in the recent fires.

Rachel Hocking, Manager of the Resound Bushfire Appeal, is asking for pledges of good quality musical instruments for musicians in bushfire affected areas to use and rehouse, as she explains.

“Replacing musical instruments enables a musician to begin playing again. This is vital for those who earn a living from music, in teaching and performing, for those who are studying music but have had their education interrupted, for those who participate in local community ensembles and for those who just simply need to play as a relief from the devastation of what has happened.”

“Playing music has a positive impact on a person’s mental health. Live music events can unite communities that have been dispersed because of bushfires. All of these positive benefits for the individual and for the community can come about simply by enabling a musician through the gift of a replacement instrument.”

ABC Classic FM supported the initiative in it’s inception from 2009. At that time it helped musicians who were affected by the Black Saturday bushfire by providing over 150 instruments to musicians. Similar numbers are anticipated for the current bushfire season.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

– Aldous Huxley

There have been a mix of professional musicians, instrumental teachers, school students and hobby musicians in the current application round. Resound is in need of instruments of professional quality and has already received generous pledges of student instruments.

“Applications for instruments have come from musicians on the South Coast of New South Wales and in the Mallacoota region of Victoria. There will also be applications coming from South Australia and applications will increase as communities begin the recovery phase.”

“The appeal is supported by the music community and is a program of the Music Trust, an organisation that works with energy, imagination and authority for music in Australia.”

Pledges and donations can be made at

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