11 recommended Fringe presenters in 2020

There are just over three weeks until the Adelaide Fringe Festival opening night and with over 7000 artists to discover, it can be overwhelming for festival-goers when it comes to choosing shows.

As the largest festival in the Southern Hemisphere has grown over the years, it has attracted a number of high profile acts, however, the spirit of this unique open access festival is about supporting the artists and presenters who give their all to put on amazing live experiences on a minimal budget.

Behind every hit show, there is a diligent presenter or production team wearing multiple hats to bring excellent entertainment value to Fringe audiences. The Serenade Files has put together this handy list of presenters whom we would recommend supporting because of their originality, ingenuity, and the high quality of their performances.

Three Little Sisters Entertainment

Three Little Sisters | photo by JLM Studios

In 2019, I reviewed An Andrew Sisters Tribute which featured slick harmonies, beautiful singers, retro costumes, back by live piano and a military big band. The full five star review can be found here.

Charmaine Jones and the Gospo Collective

Charmaine Jones | photo by Meaghan Coles – Now and Then Photography

In 2019, I reviewed the Gospo Collective’s hit show Jackson Vs Jackson and as a huge Jackson fan, it did not disappoint. The show was worthy of a larger venue with its high production value. If last year is anything to go by, then their 2020 offering Jukebox Chorus – The Ultimate Australian Playlist is sure to please. Read the full five star review of Jackson Vs Jackson here.

Joanne Hartstone of Hartstone-Kitney Productions

Joanne Hartstone | image supplied

In 2018, I reviewed Joanne Hartstone’s production That Daring Australian Girl and it was an outstanding theatrical performance of an original play written and produced by Hartstone-Kitney Productions. HKP is presenting a limited run of their hit show The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign in 2020 and it’s a must see for anyone who hasn’t already seen a one-woman-show delivered by this much-loved presenter-performer. Read the five star review of That Daring Australian Girl here.

The Flanagan Collective & Gobbledigook Theatre

Orpheus | image supplied

In 2018, I witnessed this moving combination of spoken word, music, and theatre and it stays with me to this day. The award-winning Orpheus has been followed by two related hit productions, Euridice, and The Gods, The Gods, The Gods. The full five star review of Orpheus can be found here.

The Gemini Collective

Madeleine Flapper as Sadako | image supplied

In 2018, I reviewed the GC’s inaugural production Ivy + Bean the Musical. The following year saw this award-winning independent company produce the well-known play A Thousand Cranes set in the aftermath of Hiroshima. GC are touring it to Perth before a return season to the Adelaide Fringe. Read the full five star review of Ivy + Bean the Musical here.

Jden Redden of Fascinating Lies

In 2018, I was awestruck by the talents of close-up magician Jden Redden during his show the Expert at the Card Table. Based on this intriguing show, I would recommend his 2020 offering Late Night Magic at the Masonic. Read the five star review of the Expert at the Card Table here.

Amos Gill

Amos Gill | photo supplied

In 2019, I chortled my way through Almost Famos. The energetic Amos Gill is back with a new show, Ruins. Read the four and a half star review of Almost Famos here.

Millicent Sarre

Millicent Sarre | image supplied

In 2019, I had the pleasure of interviewing presenter Millicent Sarre in the lead up to the Cabaret Fringe Festival season of her original show Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered. The show received rave reviews and she is bringing it to the Adelaide Fringe Festival for the first time. You can read the full Bravo profile feature about Millicent here.

Josh Belperio

Josh Belperio | image supplied

In 2018, I was moved by this autobiographical cabaret written and performed by Adelaide composer Josh Belperio. He has since reworked his hit show Scarred for Life and is back for a return season. Read the full four and a half star review here.

Tamara Linke of Sound Bowl Productions

The Hipster | image supplied

In 2019, I had the chance to work with Tamara Linke, the witty Australian musical composer of The Hipster , whom I interviewed for Issue 3 of The Serenade Files magazine. As a cast member, I invite you to this hip and humorous show. You can read the full Bravo profile feature about Tamara here.

Adelaide Theatre Academy

Peter Pan | image supplied

Lastly, I get to work with this dedicated performing arts company for the first time. The score for the classic story of Peter Pan is stunning. I invite you to come and watch the performers of the future, while I musically-direct and play keyboard in the orchestra.

Many of the presenters above have more than one offering in this year’s festival so if you enjoy one of their shows, consider supporting their other productions. Beyond this list there are several notable presenters too but I’ve chosen to focus on those whom I’ve either reviewed or interviewed.

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