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There is plenty to celebrate here at The Serenade Files’ HQ. This year, I’ve published four independent issues of my digital magazine and in doing so, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many enlightening people who are committed to the performing arts.

Cassidy Rae Gaiter has her sights set on Nashville – Bravo feature – Issue 4 | photo by Boeme

My reasons for starting this publication are twofold. I wanted to acknowledge the tireless efforts of my artistic colleagues who are often overlooked by traditional media outlets, and I wanted to publish uplifting articles that don’t encourage outrage or endorse political spin. Instead, my publication offers readers insight into the lives of arts practitioners; their triumphs and their tribulations.

My magazine is entirely self-funded and I pay my contributors. The first four issues are free to read on my site. Simply click on or tap the cover art to activate the digital reader. I’ve embedded the latest issue at the end of this blog post, but you can access past issues here. Readers are invited to pay-what-you-want via Paypal (at the site’s footer) to support my endeavours.

Issue 4 includes articles about renewal, from an interview with Cassidy Rae Gaiter, an artist who plans to pursue her artistic goals in a new country, to a feature about Michaela Burger, an artist who has found healing from within. James Murphy goes beyond his State of Mind column to interview Lisa Bishop, the General Manager of Music SA, about the issue of pay in the Australian live music industry, Paul Sinkinson musically directs the Elder Conservatorium’s first musical, Andreas Bukhardi delivers part four of his short story Strange Acquaintances, and we give you insight into the work of artist Erica McNicol who is our cover artist for this quarter.

Does the Australian live music industry pay in more than just expsoure? – Accento feature – Issue 4 – (pictured) artist Kelly Menhennett | photo by Helen Page

Contemporary Musician’s survey

As an advocate for live music, I encourage you to take part in a survey that will help fight for fairer conditions for Australia’s working musicians. More background on the survey can be found by reading James Murphy’s article in Issue 4. Take part in the survey here for the chance to win some great prizes and assist Australia’s contemporary musicians. The survey closes on 13 November.


The first four issues of my magazine would not be possible without the talents of my contributors. Each are artistic and accomplished individuals in their own right. I want to thank the following people for helping me create this digital magazine: Jakub Gaudasinski, Jacek Gaudasinski, Kate Harrison, James Murphy, Andreas Bukhardi, Angelo Valdivia, Jesse Budel, Elle Nichelle, Loretta De Palma, Katie Dridan, and Erica McNicol.

I will continue to put my heart into this magazine in 2020 and I have bigger plans for my publication and the community of readers who support it. I am excited about meeting new people across various sectors of the arts industry and I want to share their stories with you.

I hope that you enjoy reading the final issue for 2019. Please feel free to share it with anyone who aspires to forge a career in the arts.

Current Issue

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