Chill out with our digital magazine

I’m so excited to announce that the second issue of our quarterly digital magazine is now available to view online. Our inaugural issue is still live so you can enjoy two inspiring reads this weekend.

Issue 2 “The Companion” | Kate Harrison (artist) & Jacek Gaudasinski (graphic designer)

‘So what’s in the magazine?’, you ask.

The creative life isn’t easy so I’ve tracked down artists and entrepreneurs who are making a living by using their artistic talents and I’ve brought them to you in an easy-to-read publication.

In addition to these inspiring stories, I’ve included professional development articles that will assist you in your creative start-up by helping you to manage your business. For example, knowing what rates to charge as a freelance creative, tips for applying for grant funding, and knowing what you can claim as tax deductions.

The magazine is for people who are serious about the arts.

‘How do I view the magazine?’, you wonder.

The good news is that it’s free to access our content. Visit our Member’s Area (in the main menu of the website) and then you can read our magazine by clicking on Members’ Magazine.

Our tagline is “something to sing about.” We track down and feature everyday people achieving extraordinary things. Our mission is to celebrate the incredible achievements of fellow disruptors, innovators, outside-the-box thinkers, and promote independent artists’ and entrepreneurs’ achievements.

– Jennifer Trijo

‘I am passionate about the arts, how can I support your mission?’, aw thanks!

Our publication works on a pay-what-you-want model. We pay our contributors because we believe in the longevity of the arts industry and that artists’ work is invaluable. We have a secure Paypal cart on our Members’ Magazine page, in our Shop, and in the footer of our site. Your monetary support helps to ensure future issues of our magazine get published.

If you like our content, please consider donating and/or engage with us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts or on one of the articles in our website. We always appreciate your honest feedback and would love you to spread the good word about our independent publication.

Here is a teaser video so you can see what’s inside Issue 2. Happy reading!

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