Angelic Music in the studio

One of the things I enjoy most as a musician is collaborating on projects with fellow artists. Loretta of Angelic Music is one such artist, who happens to be our featured Instagram artist in the Dolce section of our upcoming magazine issue. She spent a few hours in the studio today recording some more violin tracks to add to her portfolio.

Angelic Music Studio Session | photo by Jennifer Trijo

My partnership with Synthetica Digital Audio allows me to offer high quality recordings to my clients. In the case of Angelic Music, I played a timeless ballad called ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ on my Nord Stage 3 to accompany Loretta’s beautiful violin melody.

There is something about a timeless ballad that is so calming. Songs from yesteryear particularly by songwriters such as Diane Warren, David Foster, Joni Mitchell, and Burt Bacharach never get old. The piece I played today was by Ewan MacColl and one of the best known recordings is by Roberta Flack.

Angelic Music Studio Session | photo by Jennifer Trijo

Loretta is a talented musician who advocates for sound healing. She composes her own music as well as performing classical and popular tunes on the violin. Today was her third studio session and it is a delight to have her energy in the studio. You can follow her on Instagram @angelic_music to learn more about her work.

Loretta – Angelic Music | photo by Jennifer Trijo

I really enjoy the creative exchange that comes about in studio sessions. My work is a joy and the long hours aren’t a chore when I am surrounded by passionate people who enrich the world with art. My clients give me plenty to sing about.

Loretta – Angelic Music and me | photo by Jakub Gaudasinski

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