Autumn leaves and new life

Easter is a time to celebrate new life. From Christ’s resurrection to the symbolic egg, from which new life emerges, it offers a chance to reflect on what truly matters to us on our life’s path.

Autumn Leaf | photo by Jennifer Trijo

I’ve never appreciated new life more than I when I feel my daughter move in my womb. Some special lives have been lost in my world recently and her imminent arrival is a joy that enriches every fibre of my being. I affectionately refer to her as my ‘Peanut’ because that’s what she looked like in her first sonogram.

Caffeine is not recommended during pregnancy but I’ll probably have a chocolate egg or two as I celebrate with family today. I used to be a coffee-enthusiast and I’m surprised that I’ve been able to give up the daily roast in a mug, but what wouldn’t one sacrifice for their child?

Me and Peanut at 25 weeks | photo by Jakub Gaudasinski

I’m reading a lot, learning a lot, and adding many medical terms to my vocabulary. I’m particularly enjoying reading the book ‘Up the Duff’ by Kaz Cooke thanks to Helen who loaned it to me. I’m in my 25th week of pregnancy and, upon reading ahead in the book, I’m both excited for and daunted by what’s to come.

I’m constantly reminded that the sweetness of life cannot be fully appreciated without some sour moments. I always think of my late grandma singing ‘que sera sera whatever will be will be…’ in times of struggle. I’m grateful for both the joy and the pain. Living is a humbling experience and I have so much that I want to show my child and so much love to give to her.

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Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

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