Closet Bestie accentuates the positive

Closet Bestie is all about the average woman. I find that the word ‘average’ gets a pretty bad wrap. The truth is we are the majority and yet we are so heavily underrepresented in the world of fashion. I started Closet Bestie on Instagram to help even out the market, not only for the average size, but also for the average woman. My goal is to provide women with styling advice, authenticity and a self-confidence boost to boot!

Closet Bestie | images supplied by Elle Nichelle

I source fun and trending outfits both for investment pieces and for outfits on a budget. For your convenience, not only do I post outfits, but I also document instore try-ons and talk through the pieces, so that all of you #girlbosses out there can spend your time and money wisely when you shop!

Closet Bestie is also about creating a positive community of women who lift each other up and celebrate the qualities we love about the people in our tribe (because change starts in the home), that’s why I started the movement #FeatureYourFriends on Closet Bestie.

Feature Your Friends is an opportunity for us to challenge and change our’s and our friends’ mindsets surrounding our self-worth. In this social media driven, selfie-saturated time, it’s often hard to see past our own flaws on the camera and see ourselves for the beautiful, creative and intelligent women we are!

My thought is – we love our friends – we don’t even see half of the things they obsess over, we just love them for who they are.

#FeatureYourFriends allows us to focus on someone other than ourselves for a hot minute and in doing so, maybe give ourselves the time and space we need to re-evaluate what characteristics we place the most value on in our lives.

This article was first published in The Serenade Files Magazine Issue 1 (January – March 2019) by contributor Elle Nichelle of Closet Bestie.

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