Review: Jackson Vs Jackson

The surname Jackson is highly regarded in pop music, and iconic siblings Michael and Janet boast a combined 88 years of professional experience. The Jacksons had numerous hit songs and the Gospo Collective showcased many popular tunes from their discography.

Jackson Vs Jackson poster | image supplied

The award-winning Jackson Vs Jackson has returned for its second Adelaide Fringe season. Musical director Charmaine Jones led the massed choir and Gospo Collective with fierce energy and soaring vocals throughout. Jones’ accomplished arrangements of the Jackson’s repertoire were a treat for this critic as I sang along with every word of the soundtrack of my childhood.

The show was more rock concert than typical Fringe show with its rocking live band, massed choir, powerful sound system, and pyrotechnics. It was a show worthy of the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

“We are so excited to be bringing back Jackson vs Jackson for our biggest season yet at the Adelaide Fringe. After such an incredible response earlier this year, we knew we had to bring the show back once more. We have taken our production to a new level and added in more of the favourites that Jackson fans of any age will know and love, adding our signature choral/gospel style to them to give it the Gospo twist.”

– Charmaine Jones

The Gospo Collective lived up to their reputation with tight harmonies, groovy choreography, and glamorous outfits. Dressed in black and white, their combined sound was professional and slick. They took control and brought the attitude necessary to do justice to Michael and Janet’s music.

Charmaine Jones and the Gospo Collective | photo supplied

Solo moments were shared among the members of the Gospo Collective and some voices shone more in their solo lines than others. Nevertheless, it is evident that Jones’ philosophy is that music is for everyone, and her dynamic leadership was on display in this show as she featured guest performers including Maggie Beer and The Jones Juniors choir.

It was a vibrant celebration of pop music and human nature, and it lived up to the hype. The Gospo Collective have put together a thriller of a night.

Rating: ★★★★★
Reviewed performance: 24 February 2019
Venue: The Flamingo at Gluttony
Season: Until 17 March 2019

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