Review: Gulliver’s Travels

This delightful three-hander, co-presented by the award-winning Familia de la Noche and Hartstone-Kitney Productions, is a clever adaptation of the Jonathan Swift classic.

Becca Cole in Gulliver’s Travels | image supplied

Protagonist, Elizabeth Gulliver used the classic identity of Lemuel Gulliver as her disguise in order to be taken seriously as a journalist in a patriarchal society. Gulliver travelled to many places and met creatures of all sizes.

A variety of theatrical devices were used to portray such size differences to great effect. Gulliver was played by Becca Cox whose animated delivery was befitting of the adventurous journalist. Cox is the artistic director of Familia de la Noche, based in Wales.

Familia de la Noche is an award winning breakout theatre company looking to craft something new out of the accepted conventions of theatre. Featuring a Pandora’s box of actors, clowns, designers, puppeteers and musicians the company have sworn a solemn oath to create shows that are brilliant, funny affecting devastating charming and racusly entertaining with a contagious spirit and a lust for life.


The multipurpose set made efficient use of the small space and transported the audience to multiple locations from the tiny towers of Liliput to the looming giants of Brobdignag. Effective sound, lighting, shadow puppetry and costumes adorned the stage and complemented the narrative.

Kiell Smith-Bynoe gave a commendable performance and his versatility as an actor is a credit to him. As the first performer on stage he was immediately captivating, articulate, and got better throughout the hour-long production.

This is a show for all ages and will be performed at the Noel Lothian Hall from the 15 February to 3 March (not Mondays) at 6.00 pm and at 2.30 pm on 15 – 16, and 22 – 23 February and 1 – 2 March.

Rating: ★★★★
Reviewed performance: Saturday 23 February 2019
Venue: Noel Lothian Hall
Season: Until 3 March 2019

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