Noosa National Park – photo feature

Noosa_Heads_Google_MapI spent three hours of my life in sublime surrounds as my feet led me through the scrub and rocky paths of the Noosa National Park.

Picturesque coves and endless horizon were the backdrop to the Coastal Track which led to Hells Gate.

I meditated at Dolphin Point and stared out into the ocean.

I am always calmer when I am near the sea, it’s probably the mermaid in me. I let go of any worry and filled my mind with wonder. I penned a poem at the cliff face.

“… And we have principally nine moods,
ranging from peacefulness to praying,
or the feeling of emptiness you get by sitting by the ocean.”

~ Ravi Shankar

Dolphin Point

Dolphin Point | Copyright © 2018 Jennifer Trijo

The waves called out my name
As I trekked along the coast
My heartbeat hard to tame
As I tried to make the most
Of the endless natural splendour
And this precious solitude
Perched in awe and wonder
At Dolphin Point immersed in blue

Butterflies aflutter
A cloudless cyan sky
Clear cascading water
Dolphins gliding by

The rocky path led me
To the Gates of Hell
A whale frolicked in the sea
Beyond the heavy swell

I heard the birdsong melodies
The ocean’s polyrhythms
A great crescendo of the seas
And the cadences unwritten

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