Sometimes trying to be funny is not funny but it’s better than not trying at all, which is what happens when a comic outsources his job to his audience. Such was the curious case of Bobby Deez’s “comedy” show which was laughable, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

Bobby Deez. Photo supplied.

Losing the Plot advertised itself as comedy but it was neither that nor was it a show. I suppose if a show implies showing up then he did deliver, however, calling it a performance is a stretch at best.

A performance would imply that a performer actually came prepared to present material to an audience who made the effort to come into town for a night out, and chose to give time to this particular Fringe show. Instead, the eight patrons in the audience were treated to a casual chat (at best) from Deez.

The show commenced with audience interaction, which is usually a good thing. I thought the comic was simply establishing rapport before launching into his written material. It was later apparent that there was little, if no, material prepared. Rather, his idea for the show was to have people talk to one another. This lasted 45 minutes.

Deez touched on topics attempting to elicit outrage such as ‘what are your thoughts on marriage?’ and ‘women like to shop’. It seemed as though he was hoping patrons would feel compelled enough to continue conversations with one another as he covertly glanced at the clock on the wall.

Towards the end of his show he asked the audience if there were any questions for him and he was met with emphatic silence. He was either completely improvising or just plain lazy.

Yes, the show is called Losing the Plot and if that angle was trying to justify the lack of effort someone should put into their show then this critic is not convinced. By this standard cheesy dad jokes would have had more impact. I suppose a star rating is in order just for showing up.

Rating: ☆

Reviewed performance: 17 March, 2018
Time: 6.45pm
Venue: Crown and Anchor Hotel

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