REVIEW: LOVE IS EASY (Theatre / Performance)

The universal theme of love was the basis of StarheART’s first original production. Seven actors performed monologues about the pros and cons of human love in this mixed dramatic work.

Love Is Easy. Photo supplied.

Created from public submissions of personal stories, the hour-long piece by Laura Colella, founder of StarheART, aims to showcase the depth of Adelaide talent, and there were some excellent performances in this production.

The show featured Chelsea Griffith, Kaelia Cockington, Marley Reid, Christine Pearsall, Lucy Jeffries, Kate Wissell, and Jess Carroll.

Each vignette performed by a single actor/actress was a self-contained scene which encompassed themes of maternal and familial love, first dates, break ups, and obsession.

Standout performances were delivered by Griffith and Cockington who had the audience entertained throughout their entire scene.

Griffith’s portrayal of a manipulative girlfriend in the midst of a break-up was notable. Her transition from interacting with fictional boyfriend, Eddie, into her internal monologue in a flood of red light, was the most memorable part of this show.

Equally commendable, was Cockington’s performance of a wine-loving woman on a first date who reveals too much information about her past relationships.

Colella hopes to entertain and inspire audience members through starheART theatre’s productions. As a young company with up-and-coming local performers, StarheART has made a promising mark on this year’s Fringe circuit.

Rating ☆☆☆

Reviewed performance: 25 February 2018

Season Closed
Venue: Vines Room, National Wine Centre

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