What’s better than seeing a funny stand-up comic with tricks up his sleeve? Two stand-up comics with magic tricks! Kane and Abel (intentionally misspelt to avoid any lawsuits) brought a generous, souvenir-packed show to The German Club.

Laurence and Ed Gibbons have been performing since they were 15. This double-act hail from Shropshire in the United Kingdom and are in Australia for the first time to present this show at the Adelaide Fringe.

Magic seemed to be in the bloodline with the show’s pre-recorded introduction affectionately delivered by their grandfather, who was also a magician.

The audience participation was excellent and these performers deserved more patrons than were present during this performance.

People clapped along and laughed at their fantastic sense of humour and took home an array of distinctive souvenirs from the show.

Throughout the performance, their sibling rivalry intensified and culminated in a game-show type competition to determine who would take home the show’s income that night.

Randomly selected guests from the audience were invited on stage to participate in an impressive card-guessing routine. The highlight for this critic was a trick that involved a kiwi fruit and a signed five dollar note; I was genuinely astonished.

Across their 17 shows at this year’s fringe they promised to present one unique trick to each new audience and, despite advising people that “practise” makes perfect, they aren’t going to practise the said unique trick.

Their finale was a homage to their grandparents and Abel even dressed in drag to impersonate his grandmother proving that he was truly “ready, willing, and Abel” (end quote).

Breaking the Magician’s Code was touted a magic and comedy show and I believe it struck a fair balance of both art forms. However, their comic timing was stronger than their tricks.

Nonetheless, their natural stage presence evidenced years of training and performing experience. The premise of the show was supposed to be breaking codes of conduct but this element of the show was almost incidental.

Kane and Abel’s strengths were definitely in their impromptu and interaction with patrons accompanied by laudable magic tricks. Memorable punchlines about “miracles”, “charred remains of a card”, and “orchestrated muggings” made them excellent comedians, in my opinion.

Rating ☆☆☆☆

Reviewed performance: 22 February 2018
Season: 16 February – 4 March 2018
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: The German Club, Adelaide

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