New Year Inspiration: Flip the Negative

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When setting goals for 2018, start with your mind. When your mind is well, other areas of your health and lifestyle begin to benefit. Everything starts with the mind.

One’s perspective is so powerful that it can influence many aspects of one’s life. What we read, listen to, who we surround ourselves with, where we live, what we do for work, all have a bearing on our attitudes. The good news is we have control over all of these things because we can make choices.

A year ago, it was the eve of another year and I was once again reflecting and setting goals for myself. I was reading a lot over the summer and winding down from another hectic year. One of my goals was to improve my writing, so I started my blog, The Serenade Files. A humble 48 subscribers later, I feel that my writing is clearer, more succinct, and my creativity is well and truly alive.

I thank all of you who have read any of my blogs or articles throughout the year and engaged in discussion with me over various interests, I truly appreciate your time and the sincerity of your feedback.

Furthermore, I’ve invested in my writing skills by reading books by writers whom I admired and have undertaken further study in creative writing and journalism. I am grateful for the opportunities to improve my craft, and I thank the people who allow me to do so. I am thankful for the relationships I have developed with several editors throughout the year, particularly those who have published my articles and allowed me to have a voice in their publications.

Having thought of myself only as a songwriter and poet up until 2017, I could have easily continued in that mentality and self-labelling. We can get attached to an idea of ourselves which can easily permeate our identity, if we allow it to, or we can remain open to the limitless possibilities.

I now write articles and blogs; tomorrow I may write a book, or a play, or maybe even a musical… who knows, I don’t know. The point is not to limit the way we think about ourselves and what we are capable of achieving.

I have never imagined people would pay me to write for them, but once I imagined it, I began to work on my skills, and I achieved it. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, it wasn’t easy but it wasn’t impossible.

The front page of my note book filled with ideas

I am removing words such as impossible and never from my vocabulary when considering new opportunities in 2018. I’m going to let my imagination create a circus in my head. Who knows what this mind is capable of? I invite you to do the same.

If you want a starting point, read any of the titles that I shared in the opening image of this blog. It all starts with your mind. This year, I am investing in my mental health tenfold because I know now that the quality of my life depends on my mental health and the choices that I am accountable for.

I am going to explore new territory this year and take my notebook, pen, guitar, camera, and blog readers with me. It’s going to be daunting and different but that’s exactly why I’m drawn to it.

A beautiful friend once said to me, “There is enough for everyone”; I completely agree. Stop measuring your worth against other people and find your niche. I love scrolling through my social media news feeds and seeing my friends happy about their achievements and living the lives their dreams created for them. Go and take ownership, be a go-getter and create the life you want.

Cheers to the new year. Cheers to all of you and everything you never dreamed you could do but have always wanted to. I believe you are worthy of the best.

Do you?

“Go where no one has gone, go all life long, go as the beat goes on. Go-getter this is your song.” ~ Jennifer Trijo

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  1. Miss you Idol Jen ! I believed what you said , Everything start in our mind , happy new year again my dear Jen your one of a kind miss you .

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