Do you hear the people sing?

To watch my fellow actors work and explore their characters, and to be immersed in beautiful music is a truly humbling experience. I feel so moved when I am in that space, the space where creativity is allowed to flourish – and no judgement or vitriol is welcome – only displays of courage and acceptance; this is my happy place.

Casmira Hambledon, Tara Nash, and me – Radio Adelaide

Marching amongst fifty voices singing in harmony is a surreal feeling, particularly when one is singing to the music of Les Miserables. The respect and camaraderie that have developed between the cast over several months of rehearsals are so precious to me. There is a spark in my heart that moves me, and I want to convey this feeling, but it can only be expressed through music and performance.

Disclaimer: My words barely scratch the surface of the joy that I feel contributing to, and witnessing, this production unfold; our company growing in strength and conviction through each rehearsal.

If I was to try to describe my current emotions about preparing to stage this show at the Arts Theatre in a few days’ time, the closest comparison I can find is this: the giddy feeling of realising that you are falling in love. That feeling. The feeling of butterflies and sunshine in your smile while your heart flutters, when every thing you see or hear reminds you of that one, the one you are falling for. That feeling.

That description comes close, but the love I feel for the performing arts and storytelling through musical theatre is a love of a different kind. As per my disclaimer, my words will not suffice, but if you have ever fallen in love you may begin to understand the joy that I am finding hard to contain right now.

The percussion section

Last Sunday, sitzprobe took place at Star Theatres. This is the first time the orchestra and cast practised together and it was so lovely to be in that room, a part of that energy. Music of this calibre does that to me; it grips every fibre of my being and elevates my consciousness to a wonderful place. I am vulnerable and reminded of my humanity.

Nestled within the sound waves of timpani, percussion, horns, strings, woodwinds, and keyboards, I felt content. The musical score is a uniting element bringing so many disparate souls together to tell an important story; one of forgiveness, redemption, love, honour, loyalty… and revolution.

All the bells and whistles

Over the past few weeks we have been promoting the show through ABC Radio, Radio Adelaide, The Advertiser, and social media. It has been wonderful to receive an overwhelming reception from Adelaide audiences before we have even bumped into the theatre. Today, the tickets for our season have officially sold out! This is such a compliment, and given the high standard I have been privy to in rehearsals, our audiences are in for a very special show.

Thank you to everyone who has bought tickets. I am so excited to perform for you. Eight more sleeps ‘til opening night!!!

One thought

  1. To me, the strongest type of joy and love found in musical theatre is the love you have for a musical. Les Mis is an unique musical and touches your heart and soul in such a way that is hard to describe.

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