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I wrote this article as a tribute to Book Week. I have always loved reading and recently my appetite for books has been voracious. I may be turning into Belle from Beauty and the Beast or at least the Francophile in me wishes I was her.

Since my last book review on this blog, I have re-read one of my favourites, Animal Farm by George Orwell. I am currently enjoying a humorous book called The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson; twenty pages in and I’ve laughed many times.

The television has been removed from the living room and I’ve cultivated a more creative zone where books and magazines are featured, and conversations can flow. As the television is no longer plugged in, I may as well sell it because I don’t miss it at all. Anyone interested in a flat screen TV?

Books, my favourite way to decorate my home

Paperbacks and e-books are wonderful companions and can make for a great night in.

When life becomes turbulent, curling up with an excellent book is the perfect way to be mindful. There is a magical feeling that comes with reading and there are few things in life bettter than an engaging book that makes time stop as you indulge in every written word.

A good cliff-hanger or twist goes a long way when one is trying to unwind from a hectic day. The detailed imagery in a book can set the scene so vividly that you feel as though you are there with the characters, living and breathing their adventures.

Books are great companions because they:
• don’t judge you (even if you judge them)
• introduce you to interesting characters
• are accessible
• teach you new things
• improve your vocabulary

There are many things to read across a range of topics and book reviews can steer you in the right direction. When it comes to reading, some people prefer a paperback while others prefer an e-reader. Each medium has its benefits and its shortcomings.

If functionality is a priority, an e-reader is beneficial because you can carry thousands of books in a single, light, portable device. However, the drawbacks are battery life and the fatigue that can come from staring at a screen for too long.

A paperback is great for the tactile readers who need to turn and dog-ear pages and scribble notes in the margin. It’s also not as expensive to replace a paperback if it should unfortunately fall in the bathwater. However, if you are travelling and have baggage restrictions, then the number of books you can take with you is limited.

The second-hand bookstore is a magical place. Here you can discover cheap, pre-loved titles and sometimes even rare hardcover books. Other similar places to find second-hand books are online stores, Goodwill stores, and markets; they are all worth a visit. Nowadays, there are many book apps that you can download onto a smartphone and carry around with ease, but you’ll need a larger screen or fantastic eyesight to endure this style of reading.

I’m not a book reader, you say? If you are the type of person who has a limited attention span then you might consider reading a short article. You can find dozens while scrolling through your social media newsfeed. Articles are bite-sized reads and can bring about new knowledge and ideas for those who are time-poor. Furthermore, if you like books but prefer to have someone read to you, consider audiobooks. But make sure you sample them in case you find the voice acting unbearable.

Regardless of the form, the written word can have a powerful impact on a reader. When something is written clearly and imaginatively it can warm the heart, and reveal perspectives which we would not have considered otherwise.

Investing in one’s imagination is an excellent way to be mindful, and reading a book allows us to breathe. If you’re still not convinced that reading is good for you then read this awesome book article from one of my favourite sites, Lifehack.

2 Thoughts

  1. A thought-provoking article thanks Jennifer. Don’t get rid of your T.V. I would suggest though… you might find some good ol’ movies popping up from time to time!:)

    1. Thanks for reading and for the advice Geoff. The TV is in the guest room so it can be switched on if needed, but it’s not a priority for my leisure time. I’d much prefer to not be staring at a screen, to be outdoors, reading, or writing…with a good old pen!

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