Semaphore Sundays

Although this Sunday was not particularly sunny, it was a tranquil, overcast summer morning with a light drizzle of rain, and moderate temperature. Sunday, to me, means quality time with my family. We love to while away the hours at a cafe and a lengthy walk with the dog. This morning, my husband and I drove to the esplanade of Semaphore Beach.

The industrial, timeless aesthetic of Semaphore. Photo: Jakub Gaudasinski

Simple Sundays are the best! Today, we enjoyed a mocha and croissant with Ranger, our beloved greyhound.

My gorgeous greyhound #nofilter

Our dog is a bit of a head turner and we nicknamed him ‘ladies’ man’ or ‘George Clooney’ because of the amount of women who swoon over him in the street. He loves his walks and has very good stamina for a greyhound. I adopted him back in 2012 and he has been a wonderfully quirky companion over the years. He has a peaceful temperament and is very affectionate.

The jetty glistening with rain

The three of us strolled along the jetty taking in the timeless heritage and aesthetic of Semaphore. We even spotted a playful dolphin bobbing about in the waves. Everything about this morning put my soul in a joyful place. It was an atmosphere of serenity, relaxation, and companionship and I am content. My morning inspired a short poem:

Grey skies and mist envelope me

Strolling through tranquility,

The rain and sea salt on my face

The crashing waves that leave their trace,

On off-white sand the soft wind whispers

Light pierced through, the water shimmers,

A dolphin plays, a greyhound wonders

What life is like beyond the waters.

2 Thoughts

  1. Awesome blog Jen….you have the talent of an amazing writer Always love to read your blogs.Thanks for sharing 💕

    1. Thanks Mary for supporting my creative growth! I appreciate everyone who took the time to read today’s blog. I was a few days behind since work started last week so I have a special treat for all of The Serenade Files supporters, original song number 2 for 2017 is going to be up on the YouTube channel in a few hours! I was feeling particularly inspired today so enjoy the new song very soon!!! 🙂

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