Tips to Slay #2017

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In this season of relaxation and resolutions, optimism is high, and clear strategies are your friend if you want to succeed in attaining your goals. I’m not presuming every goal would benefit from this, but it may help to observe some of the following tips when trying to tackle your resolutions.

10 Ways to get and stay organised

1. Get a diary and write (or type) in it.

I personally have a love affair with places like Officeworks, Typo, and Kikki.K. If you want to splurge on a diary then these are my recommendations. Otherwise, any diary will do. Decide whether or not you are a week-to-a-page type of person and find a layout to suit your needs.

2. Create a one-stop-shop or central hub for all of your action items.

Last October I started trialing a digital platform as my central hub. Google Keep has been a godsend for me as it is portable and helped me get over my post-it addiction. Plus, it’s free. However, the catch is be wise about what information you keep on it because Google will inevitably target advertise. I’d love to hear about your ideas for a central hub.

3. Maintain calendar entries in a single location that you frequent (digital or physical) – a smartphone is a useful tool for this purpose.

I use Google calendar because it’s readily accessible across all of my devices and it gives me regular reminders of events and tasks I need to get done.

4. Consult an expert about decluttering your information (books or tutorials are sufficient).

I have recommended an awesome read at the end of my blog.

5. Create and maintain an effective filing system.

I have both a digital and a physical filing system. I can’t stress enough the importance of backing up data. Perhaps you want to embrace the cloud in 2017, hey it beats losing your files. Just be smart about what you save on a public drive.

6. Respectfully use your filing system for efficient workflow.

Cyril Peupion writes that the average person spends 6 weeks in a year searching for information they already have. Design a system that works for you and make important documents easily visible.

7. Create and practise habits that increase productivity and decrease procrastination.

For example, put things back in order, maintain a tidy work space, be early. What are your productivity habits?

8. Set clear goals within reasonable time frames and avoid open-ended time frames (e.g. for my fellow Aussies “she’ll be right”)

Be SMART about your goals and track your progress.

9. Focus on a single high priority task and minimise distractions (learn to say no!)

Many studies suggest that true multitasking is impossible no matter how much we try to fool ourselves.

10. Be accountable, systematic and kick some goals!!!

I wish you all the best! I love to see people succeed so put a plan in place and learn your strategy. Own your decisions.

Recommended reading:

“Work smarter: live better” – Cyril Peupion

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